Task: Using helper liberaries

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In the examples we have seen so far, we have used methods that live on an array. We are now going to switch tactics and focus more on functions instead of methods. For example, in addition to Array.prototype.reduce, there exists a reduce functions in libraries such as Lo-Dash and Underscore. One of the primary values of using these functions instead is composability. We are going to look more on what exactly that means later. Another great thing is that some of these functions are more powerful that the methods on arrays.

In this course we will use Lo-Dash, which will be accessible through the _ global (however, we could also have chosen Underscore instead).


  1. Part 0: Introduction to the workshop
  2. Part 1: A functions context
  3. Part 1: A functions arguments
  4. Part 1: Functions and prototypes
  5. Part 2: Applicative programming
  6. Part 2: Make new collections with map
  7. Part 2: Make new collections with filter
  8. Part 2: Make new collections with reduce
  9. Part 2: Using helper liberaries [Active]
  10. Part 2: Point-free style
  11. Part 2: Applicative functions with context
  12. Part 3: Function factories
  13. Part 3: Higher order functions
  14. Part 3: Functions with functions
  15. Part 3: Fluent interfaces
  16. Part 3: Function arity
  17. Part 4: Partial application
  18. Part 4: Create functions from functions
  19. Part 5: Currying
  20. Part 5: Composition
  21. Part 5: Pipelines
  22. Part 5: Case - Parse URL
  23. Part 6: Shared state
  24. Part 7: Working with collections
  25. Part 7: Done
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